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huda nawaf

I can not find important function

Asked by huda nawaf
on 28 Aug 2012

hi, I found the following code of matlab in this link

load c.txt;

I tried it with my data , it is working except the last function , it is what I looked for , this function plot each cluster with different color

how can find it? please, i badly need it in my work.



@huda: I had a teacher of biology in high school who used to say "I cannot spread apologies on my bread (in the morning when having breakfast)".

In brief, this is not the first time I post the link on how to format the question or the other link on how to ask a question properly. Also, it is common sense to provide the necessary information if you expect a reasonable answer. Thus, saying "I am sorry" and still keeping to post the same way is equivalent to fool us around. Obviously, that's my point of view.

huda, you have not formatted the code in this post.

Jan Simon
on 29 Aug 2012

@huda: Thanks for your apology. Apologies are not useful here, but improving your style to ask question is. Most of all this would be an advantage for me, the forum and last but not least for yourself.


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2 Answers

Answer by huda nawaf
on 28 Aug 2012
Edited by huda nawaf
on 28 Aug 2012

Many thanks,

I got it and run it. But what if I ran the above code on my data but my data is not 2D , my data is n*n similarity matrix, and I ran the above function on my data


and got T the label for each observations (n). Now , i want to use plot_clusters with this case . if plot_clusters is not working with this case, are there alternative way to see the clusters graphically.



What do you want the output to look like?

As commented in your other post, with the similiarity matrix alone, all you can do is a dendrogram.


just need each cluster with differnt color and contain the number of objects inside it.

I sent image in that post. thanks

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