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DLL for a COM server

Asked by Damien
on 3 Sep 2012


I am trying to use a DLL file known to be a COM server. But I don't know how to use this type of file with Matlab. I have tried 'loadlibrary' function but I have only a dll file and not a h file. Could you help me and say me what function I have to use in order to load it. Thanks a lot.




1 Answer

Answer by Kaustubha Govind
on 4 Sep 2012
Edited by Kaustubha Govind
on 16 Nov 2012

I think you need to register your DLL as a COM Server on your machine using regsvr32 and then use the ACTXSERVER command in MATLAB to start that COM Server. Please see COM Objects for more information.


on 15 Nov 2012

Again, nice answer, but a broken link. Get with it, Mathworks Support!

Kaustubha Govind
on 16 Nov 2012

John: Thanks for pointing that out, I've fixed the link. Also, just FYI, this forum is not maintained by MathWorks Support, but by the MATLAB Central community. :)

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