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how to find the equality of 2 numbers?

a e

1 1

1 2

3 2

3 2

The above is my input table. Check 'a' for the value '1'. The corresponding 'e' value differs. So, we should not consider it. Check 'a' the value of '3'. The corresponding 'e' values are same. How to develop code for this?


Yes. As Image Analyst told, 'a' and 'e' are column headers... There is no '' strings'' in my input values

Then see my answer. Also, what does "class(a)" show when you issue that command? If you want to make absolutely sure a and e are integers, wrap them in an int32() when you create them.


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Answer by Andrei Bobrov
on 10 Sep 2012
 Accepted answer

AE = [a e]; %The initial array
out = AE(abs(diff(AE,1,2)) < eps(100),:);

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Hi Andrei,Thanks. Your answer matches my requirement 90%.. for no.'2' your code works fine. Since there is a deviation in '1' it should not come. You can see the change in the value of 'e' when the value of 'a' is 1. Can you modify the code

Answer by Adrian Dronca on 10 Sep 2012

I think you should consider using isequal() . The function works with single, double, string.


Answer by Image Analyst
on 10 Sep 2012

If they're integers, use ==, like

if a == e

if they're floating point, you need to check against a tolerance:

if abs(a-e) < 0.0001

See the FAQ for more info:


When you go through the first two rows, you can find that the change in the values. So, '1' should be omitted. There is no change in 3rd and 4th row.. 'e' value does not gets changed. So, we can consider 'e' .

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