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Modifying the Simulink Display Block

Asked by Craig

Craig (view profile)

on 10 Sep 2012
Accepted Answer by TAB

TAB (view profile)

The Simulink 'Display' block is very useful for troubleshooting models.

However, for the complex model I'm dealing with, it is just too big and cumbersome (even if resized). I'd like to either:

1. Modify the block to use a smaller font, etc...

2. Create a new block that can reproduce a signal value on its face in the Simulink GUI.

Thanks and regards,




Craig (view profile)


1 Answer

Answer by TAB

TAB (view profile)

on 10 Sep 2012
Accepted answer

You can change the font of display text.

Right click on display >> Format >> Font >> Select smaller font size.

Also you can create a GUI also which displays you simulink data in the format as you want. See this post and its inside links to know how to make GUI and simulink interface.



Melissa (view profile)

on 2 Jan 2013

It appears that in R2012b, changing the font size applies only to the block label, not to the text inside the display itself. Is there a new command to change the font size of the value being displayed?


TAB (view profile)

on 3 Jan 2013

Sorry, I don't have access to R2012b version of matlab. If it is not possible to change the font size in display block in R2012b, you can go for second option.

Collect the simulation data run time and display in GUI.


Melissa (view profile)

on 7 Jan 2013

Thanks. Our converted R2012a models are not displaying in R2012b as we'd hoped, so I'll check with Mathworks support and then consider making a GUI.


TAB (view profile)

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