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Date for release of Matlab R2013a

Asked by Daniel on 12 Sep 2012

Following on from this question about the release date of R2012b, when will R2013a be officially released? I will accept the answer closest to the actual release date. Extra points (an upvote) will be awarded to anyone successfully predicting the release of a service pack.

My prediction: R2013a will be released on 6 March 2013


Jason Ross on 8 Mar 2013

The 8th.

Daniel on 8 Mar 2013

According to wikipedia it was the 7th. I am pretty impressed with my original guess.

Sean de Wolski on 8 Mar 2013

It was out by 2236GMT-5 on March 7th.




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3 Answers

Answer by Daniel on 8 Mar 2013
Accepted answer

I guess I should have made my prediction, as stated in the original question, of 6 March 2013 into an answer. I didn't expect to be closest (although the competition was pretty slight) and I definitely didn't think I would be within a day.


Answer by Image Analyst on 17 Dec 2012

I'm going with March 11, 2013. I think they'll put it out on a Monday to allow maximum time to handle users' installation questions. (Unlike governments who often release bad news on Fridays to reduce scrutiny by the press because it will be a weekend.) I've only been using the prerelease version a couple of days so far, but no major problems or bugs yet (just a few quirks and annoyances that were already in the R2012b version).


Walter Roberson on 18 Dec 2012

On the other hand, R2012b was released mid-week.

Daniel on 18 Dec 2012

Walter, are you going to make a guess?

Image Analyst
Answer by kk on 24 Jan 2013
Edited by kk on 24 Jan 2013

I don't know the actual date but I bet its going to be around 11:15 pm


Sean de Wolski on 24 Jan 2013

@Jan, as long as timezone info isn't given it allows you to never be off by more than 30ish minutes or and it can get you a couple of days.

Daniel on 8 Mar 2013

Using a release time of 36 minutes past the hour giving a difference of 21 minutes, I am going with this is a below average guess.

Sean de Wolski on 8 Mar 2013

@Daniel, that is the time that I received the email saying it was up everywhere. It was up in different places at different times over the preceding few hours.


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