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Finding the maximum points

Asked by FIR on 14 Sep 2012

I have images,where each image has sine wave ,now i want to find the maximum point of each positive peak and find the distance between them,please help


Thomas on 14 Sep 2012

If I understand you right, you want to extract the numerical value of the peak of sine wave, and the distance between the peaks from an image.. Can you please post the image as well?

FIR on 14 Sep 2012

Yes Binish you are correct i want to find the peaks of sine wave



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1 Answer

Answer by David Lieberman on 14 Sep 2012
Accepted answer

If you have the image processing toolbox, define your axes, x and y, them display your image with say imagesc(x,y,img); Then,

Use imdistline(gca) to graphically measure the distance between any 2 points of interest to you.


David Lieberman

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