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Reconstruction of Audio from Absolute Spectrogram

Asked by Royi Avital on 18 Sep 2012
This question is closed and may reopen in the future if edited.

Hello, I have the absolute of a audio signals' spectrogram. I lost the phase data because of various processing applied on the original spectrogram of the signal.

I'm trying to reconstruct the signal in a meaningful (Audibly) manner. The obvious inverse won't work (The DFT inverse of the absolute, Since the Phase is significant).

Anyone has experience with the problem? Could anyone refer me to a code, article, etc...


P.S. Why is it (The thread) closed?


Daniel on 24 Sep 2012

I closed the thread because this is not a MATLAB question.

Jan Simon on 25 Oct 2012

I still can comment it. Can non-editors post comments to closed threads?

In a few seconds I will know, if commenting re-opens a thread. [EDITED] No, it does not re-open.

Obviously the OP added the question "P.S. Why is it (The thread) closed?". Shouldn't this re-open the thread automatically, because it is an editing of the question?

Daniel on 25 Oct 2012

Yes, the slight edit by the OP reopened the question. I then closed it again.

Royi Avital


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0 Answers

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