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why do answered questions get deleted?

Asked by bym
on 5 Apr 2011

I've noticed that some questions get deleted after being answered. I assume the OP thinks nobody else would benefit from the solution. Or, are there other explanations?



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1 Answer

Answer by Zakary Stone on 6 Apr 2011
 Accepted answer

The people who asked the questions may have deleted the questions themselves.


on 6 Apr 2011

yes, I know that, but why?

Unknown. I know that just a couple of days ago I had to use the google cache to dig up a copy of an answer that I had given someone, because the answer was relevant to someone else. It would have been better if the question had been left.

I do know that the Mathworks team believes that messages should preferably only be deleted in unusual circumstances, or if they are spam or obvious duplications. Mathworks is not the one deleting the questions.

on 6 Apr 2011

I did not want to imply that TMW was censoring answers beyond the spam. Perhaps the OP feels embarrassed, or perhaps more cynically: the OP does not want the thread to be obvious for ethical reasons.

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