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What are the features of an image?

Asked by Sivakumaran Chandrasekaran on 19 Sep 2012

I need to find the features of the given input image and i need to find the matrices present in the image. Then i need to apply neural network to it. How to do it?


Sivakumaran Chandrasekaran

2 Answers

Answer by Walter Roberson on 20 Sep 2012
Accepted answer

Basically, anything you can compute using the information in the image qualifies as a "feature" of the image. Average brightness? It's a feature. Third moment of the Knight's Tour of the image? It's a feature. MD-5 hash of the four corner pixels? It's a feature.

How many features does an image have? Answer: an infinite number.

How many useful features does an image have? No-one knows, and the number is "unknowable" at this time. Quite possibly infinite.

Which features should you use for your purposes? You need to experiment. I would not advise looking for the "best" set of features, by the way: a better feature set is likely to be found within a few hundred years at most.


Walter Roberson
Answer by Image Analyst on 19 Sep 2012

You'd have to use image processing. So that answers the first question.

For the second question, I don't use neural networks so I can't answer that question with as much authority, but I guess you'd use the Neural Network Toolbox to create a neural network, and send your image into it.

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Thanks Image Analyst !!

Image Analyst

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