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creating a 26 bus structure sysytem

Asked by kash on 4 Oct 2012

I an new in field of simulink ,can anyone tell how to form 30 bus system or 14 bus systemin matlab simulink please


Walter Roberson on 9 Oct 2012

Your title indicates 26 bus, but your message asks for 30 or 14 ?

kash on 9 Oct 2012

Sorry walter its 26 or 14 bus system



1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson on 9 Oct 2012


kash on 9 Oct 2012

thanks walter ,one question ,I have seen sigle line diagram for many bus system.are the singline line disgrams and codings above are same

Walter Roberson on 9 Oct 2012

Sorry, I am not familiar with power systems.

kash on 10 Oct 2012

ok can you please tell whom i can contact regarding power electronics

Walter Roberson

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