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How do you remove particular consecutive values from an Array?

Asked by Wes

Wes (view profile)

on 4 Oct 2012

I want to be able to remove a consecutive value from an array, but I want it to be a certain value(zeros specifically).

So if I have an array that looks like:

x=(0 1 2 5 9 9 0 8 8 3 0 0 0 0 0)

I want the end result to be:

x=(0 1 2 5 9 9 0 8 8 3 0)

So I want to keep some consecutive values but not consecutive zero values. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated?



Wes (view profile)


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1 Answer

Answer by the cyclist

the cyclist (view profile)

on 4 Oct 2012
Accepted answer
dx = [NaN diff(x)]
removeThis = (x==0) & (dx==0)
x(removeThis) = []


the cyclist

the cyclist (view profile)

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