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How to identify a window created by system command

Asked by Feng
on 4 Oct 2012

Hi, I called an external program by system command in my GUI and a window appears. Is there any way that I can identify this window so I can move it into my GUI window?






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1 Answer

Answer by Matt Fig
on 4 Oct 2012

What do you mean, "move it into my GUI window"? You cannot have a figure be a child of another figure, if that is what you are trying to do.


on 4 Oct 2012

something like 'system('notepad.exe &')' will open the notepad window. Can I put the notepad into the GUI, rather than leave it as separated window?

Matt Fig
on 4 Oct 2012

You might be able to emulate what you want by using an activex control in the GUI, though I have no real experience with this. On the other hand, a multi-line editbox could serve the purpose of a notepad.

Walter Roberson
on 4 Oct 2012

You will not be able to move the MS Windows application window to be part of a MATLAB figure. However, you might perhaps be able to read off the contents of the window and display those contents within a MATLAB figure. I have no experience with that myself, but from time to time someone has posted code that seems to work that way.

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