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how to do tedious mathematical calculation with matlab

it is really tedious, probably impossible, to do the following equation using a calculator. Please note that cosine and sine functions are in degrees

the result should b a scalar value if i am right?


I see you have changed the wording of your question a little, and given the note about degrees, but the equation itself isn't there yet ?

sry, i just reuploaded the image, could you now see the equation?


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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 5 Oct 2012
 Accepted answer

k = 0:65119;
sum( cosd(3.6*k) .* sind(3.6*k) ).^2

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cool, it really works. actually, i just manage to obtain the result using

 function [S] = sum1(n)
 S = 0; % Initialize sum to zero
 k = 0; % Initialize index to zero
 % loop for calculating summation
 while k <= 65119 
 S = S + cos(3.6*k*pi/180)*sin(3.6*k*pi/180); % add to summation
 k = k + 1; % increase the index

and then square the outcome, and get the answer as urs.

cool, urs looks tidier. many thx

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