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how to multiply each row in a column by different numbers

Asked by Passband Modulation on 5 Oct 2012

say, a file consists of a single column with 10000 rows

 load file.txt
 a = file;                       
 s = a(k,1).*cosd(3.6*k); 

it does work at all, could anyone help?


Do you know how to use the debugger to step though your code? This would be easily solved if you did that.

it says:

Error in ==> Untitled3 at 5 s = a(k,1)-56.97*cosd(3.6*k)-31.98*sind(3.6*k);

how to fix it, i really have no any idea.


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1 Answer

Answer by John
on 5 Oct 2012
 Accepted answer

Try this if a is a column vector:

load file.txt

a = file;

k = [1:size(a,1)]';

s = a.*(cosd(3.6*k));



Alternatively, k can be any column vector you wish to perform element-by-element multiplication with a. Just make sure a and k are of the same size.

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a and k are of the same size.

and thank you for your kind reply!!

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