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how to represent an image in grid format?

how to represent an image in grid format?


1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 7 Oct 2012

imageArray = imread(filename);

imageArray will be a rectangular grid/array/matrix.


Thanks Image Analyst !! I was asked by a student to represent the input image in grid format. how to do it?

Well maybe I don't know what he means. In MATLAB, an image is a 2D array, unlike vector formats like EPS. What type of file is the student's image stored in? Is it a PNG, BMP, TIFF, or JPG file? If so it's already in a rectangular grid and you can simply use the imread code I gave you. If it's a vector format like EPS, I have no idea because I don't do image analysis on those types of computer graphics (clip art) files.

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