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Adding New Menu in SImulink

Asked by Sunu
on 9 Oct 2012

Is it possible to add new menu (like File, Edit) in Simulink



1 Answer

Answer by Babak
on 9 Oct 2012

Yes it is possible.

Look up sl_customization(cm) on MATLAB's documentation.

You need to write a function whose name must be sl_customization(cm) and put it on MATLAB's path. then issue savepath in command window so that it will remain on the path if you restart MATLAB.

In the sl_customization(cm) function you can add new items to Simulink's menue items and tell Simulink what it should do when each of the custom menu items are clicked.

Generally it is in the customizing the Simulink environment in the Simulink documentation help.


on 9 Oct 2012

I want to add a new menu like (say Actions) and not add to existing menu item.

on 9 Oct 2012

This is still what does it for you:

 function sl_customization(cm)
  cm.addCustomMenuFcn('Simulink:MenuBar', @getYOURMENUitems);
 function schemaFcns = getYOURMENUitems(callbackInfo)
    schemaFcns = {@getYOURMENU_container};
 function schema = getYOURMENU_container(callbackInfo)
    schema = sl_container_schema;
    schema.tag = 'Simulink:yourname1';
    schema.label = 'yournameeee1';
    %schema.userdata = '';
    %     schema.childrenFcns={@getItem0, 'separator',    @getItem_comm_container, 'separator',  @getItem1, @getItem2, 'separator', @getItem_status_container, 'separator',  @getItem_build_download_container, 'separator', @getItem_task_manager};

you need to write all the getitems functions...

see the help

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