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Sergio Fragoso

How to use DC Machine as a generator?

Asked by Sergio Fragoso
on 11 Oct 2012

I'm using DC Machine block from SimPowerSystem toolbox in Simulink and I would like use it as generator mode. I use the speed as mechanical input and I don't know if this speed must be introduced positive or negative for using generator mode. In addition I don't understand the help and I am confuse about the sign of the output speed and output torque when DC machine is generator.

Can anyone help me?




1 Answer

Answer by Muruganandham Subramanian on 22 Oct 2012


   Generator==> I/P(Mechanical)(i.e. Negative for DC machine e.g. (-1 N.m (Torque))--> O/P (Electrical).
 If you need more explanation for this. Check this link too...


Sergio Fragoso
on 22 Oct 2012

Hi and thank you for this answer

I've checked the link and I've seen that I must to use negative sign torque if I work with generator mode but would I use negative sign speed if I've selected speed as input port?

I think no need of (-Ve) sign for speed..and if this answer is helpful accept the answer

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