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Jim Hokanson

Tab Complete seems to silently execute code

Asked by Jim Hokanson
on 13 Oct 2012

I have a class which launches a process in Windows (using .NET) which brings up the command window. The class name is also the name of a package which is a few levels deep with various packages and classes. Occasionally when I tab complete, usually a level or two down in the package structure, I will see the command window launch briefly and then go away. This doesn't always happen and may or may not be related to whether or not an instance of the base class is in memory or not. Is Matlab executing my class to do tab complete?

I think I've seen this in 2011b. I haven't worked enough with newer versions to know whether or not it is present in 2012a & 2012b.


1 Answer

Answer by Georges
on 7 Mar 2013

I can confirm this behavior (also in Matlab R2011b). For an object written completely in Matlab, when using several methods in a row, the constrictor is call when using tab completion.


myObj = myClass()

When I want to tab-complete secondMethod, the constructor is called several time, not just once ....

This is a rather unwanted behavior!


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