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Jonathan Epperl

" requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way"

Asked by Jonathan Epperl
on 14 Oct 2012
Latest activity Answered by Jonathan Epperl
on 25 Sep 2014

Freshly installed MATLAB on Windows 7, 64Bit.

  • If I select the MATLAB shortcut in the Start Menu, I get a windows error saying the following:
Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
Runtime Error!
Program: C:\MATLAB7\bin\win32\MATLAB.exe
This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information.
  • If I go to the directory C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2012b\bin and start using the matlab.exe located there, Matlab starts but the command window displays a lot of errors:
Cannot find function, getDefaultUserFolder, in library services.
Warning: MATLAB did not appear to successfully set the search path. To recover for this session of MATLAB, type "restoredefaultpath;matlabrc". To find out how to avoid this warning the next time you start MATLAB, type "docsearch problem path" after recovering for this session.
Warning: Duplicate directory name: C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2012b\toolbox\local
and so on an so forth.

SafeMode, -nojvm, -shield none all yield the exact same behaviour, and it occurred at least with Matlab 64bit 2012b and 2011b.


2 Answers

Answer by Jonathan Epperl
on 14 Oct 2012
 Accepted answer

...and I'll just answer my own question, in case somebody else has the same problem and Google leads here: The culprit is another program, Lucid Logix's VirtuMVP Version It's an application that enables some teamwork between iGPU and dedicated GPU and ships with some Asus Motherboards, maybe with others, too. (off-topic: it does improve performance quite drastically, at least in Crysis...) Anyway, I installed Version and the problem is gone. Go figure, but I'm glad everything is working fine now.


Jonathan Epperl
on 17 Oct 2012

Yeah, I had that "This program has expired" message popping up, too! LucidLogix didn't reply to my support request at all, which is pretty lame, but I have running without problem since a week or so. I'll report back if there are problems again.

Rasmus Jensen
on 3 Feb 2013

Thank you so much, I was wrecking my head with, why Matlab wasn't working.

It seems I can run 2.1.112 but none of the other versions of 2012 work.

Philip Borghesani on 15 Apr 2013

I just debugged the same problem it appears that virtuMVP injects its own services.dll into the MATLAB process and prevents MATLAB from loading its own copy of services.dll thereby breaking MATLAB. Disabling virtuMVP did not solve the problem the only solution I found was to uninstall it.

Answer by Jonathan Epperl
on 25 Sep 2014

Gave it another try, this time with Matlab 2013b and Virtu MVP Pro Core: (The newest version at the moment)...

Unfortunately, there's no change: Stopping Virtu MVP, killing it in the Task Manager, killing its Service, disabling the service and rebooting, nothing helps.

Only solution so far: Uninstall, install last known working version

That's a pretty crappy situation, has anybody in the last 2 years come up with a better workaround?


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