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GUI Table Nan Problem

Asked by Melvin
on 14 Oct 2012
Latest activity Answered by Melvin
on 13 Mar 2014

Hi everyone.

Here's my problem:

I've got a table on my gui. All the entries are editable. Whenever I run the program, I should keep in mind that the first cell must be left empty(just an example) while others are filled. But there are times I become careless and accidentally inputted a value on the first cell. So my initiative tells me to delete the number/word I have just inputted. But a "Nan" appears after. I really want to avoid this case. So how can I avoid the Nan even after inputting some value then deleting it? How and where should I program an error dialog so that, no "Nan" can be seen on my table. Thank you very much. God bless



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2 Answers

Answer by Jeff Freeman
on 10 Mar 2014

Hi Melvin,

I'm encountering the same problem (R2013a). Were you able to find a solution for this?

Regards, Jeff


Answer by Melvin
on 13 Mar 2014

Hi jeff, I cannot remember how I solved it. It's been a long time since I had this problem. Maybe, I haven't solve it either. I am really sorry. I am not using MATLAB these days anymore. Good luck. Don't stop exploring.

Regards, Melvin


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