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Convert an image pixel coordinate to physical coordinate

Asked by AP
on 14 Oct 2012

Dear All,

I have a 2D array over the range xmin<x<xmax and ymin<y<ymax which contains the color intensity of each point. It looks like a deformed donut. I needed to find the inner and outer boundary of the donut. In order to achieve this goal, I used image processing and found the boundaries by bwboundaries function. Now I have the boundaries. The boundaries are in rows and columns coordinate. I want to convert them back into physical x,y coordinates. How can I do it?





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2 Answers

Answer by Image Analyst
on 14 Oct 2012
Edited by Image Analyst
on 14 Oct 2012
 Accepted answer


% Get the image size.
[rows columns numberOfColorChannels] = size(imageArray);
% Create the spatial calibration factors.
realWorldUnitsPerPixel_x = (xmax - xmin) / columns;
realWorldUnitsPerPixel_y = (ymax - ymin) / rows;
% Now let's say you had some pixel coordinate (column, row):
realWorldX = xmin + realWorldUnitsPerPixel_x * column;
realWorldY = ymin + realWorldUnitsPerPixel_y * row;
% Now realWorldX and realWorldY are in terms of real world units.


Answer by Matt J
on 14 Oct 2012
Edited by Matt J
on 14 Oct 2012

You need to know the coordinates row0,col0 of the physical origin and the pixel sizes. With this, you do

 physicalCoords = ([row,col]-[row0,col0]).*pixelsizes


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