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Optimizing a function consisting of other variables

Asked by Fred
on 14 Oct 2012

Hello, I have a function as this:

function l=L2(u1, u2, w, x) l = -sum(log(((log(u1).*log(u2)).^(-1+x)).*((w.^((2-2*x)/x))-(1-x.*(w.^(1-2*x)/2)))./(u1.*u2.*exp(w.^(1/x))))); end

which u1, u2, w are 40*1 vectors, and I want to optimize this for min of x with optimtool but his gives me the error of

Error in the following problem input(s): objective: Not enough input arguments.

Can anybody help me?

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Matt J
on 14 Oct 2012

Show more code, in particular, the solver that you're using and the code you use to call it.

Also, use markup to make the code you post more readable, including the code in your Question.


1 Answer

Answer by Alan Weiss
on 15 Oct 2012
 Accepted answer

Your question might be about how to include extra parameters. See this link.

Alan Weiss

MATLAB mathematical toolbox documentation


Matt Tearle
on 15 Oct 2012
u1 = ...
u2 = ...
w  = ...
objfun = @(x) L2(u1,u2,w,x) % define a function of x with u1, u2, w fixed

Now use objfun as your objective function.

on 15 Oct 2012

Thank you for both answers

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