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Creating Feedback of Buses

Asked by Evrim
on 15 Oct 2012

I am trying to convert my existing model to one in which the signals are transmitted as a single main bus.

To do this, I go further in the model (left to right let's say) by adding newly computed values of each subsystem to the main bus. Since, all these signals need to be read through any of the subsystems (before/after of its computed), at one point I have to combine all signals (at the end) and feed this main signal back with all new signals.

Now, I'm struggling to build the bus structure in terms of the point at which signals are combined to be fed back. I get the typical error;

Erroneous feedback connection involving one or more virtual blocks starting at

Would anybody recommend some tips regarding such an issue?



1 Answer

Answer by Kaustubha Govind
on 15 Oct 2012
 Accepted answer

Does the error go away if you insert a Gain block in the feedback path as suggested in this discussion?

  1 Comment

on 23 Nov 2012

Thank you for the suggestion. I solved the problem by modifying the bus structure in general, now the feedback is not on the same bus. I will spend time soon to try your suggestion also.

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