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How to connect Simulink to MS Access database

Asked by Arun Badigannavar on 17 Oct 2012

I have project requirment where my simulink blocks use data from MS Access database,,,How to connect simulink to databse

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Is there any direct way to connect dabase to simulnik or i should put data into workspace and fetch them?

1 Answer

Answer by PG
on 17 Oct 2012

You can use activex controls or database toolbox.

Refer below link for further details:

Hope it helps!!!


Thanks mr sachin,,but i guess i need database toolbox and Will i get direct databse conneting blocks in Simulink if i take databse too;lbox

You need to write a MATLAB S-function block that will call into the Database Toolbox functions.

on 17 Oct 2012

This thread may have some useful info on S-functions that use the Database toolbox.

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