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how to deal with ''Attempt to execute SCRIPT '' error?

Asked by Lina

Lina (view profile)

on 22 Oct 2012

I try to usecdf('T',2,2) and it shows like this:

Attempt to execute SCRIPT cdf as a function: E:\matlab2\toolbox\stats\stats\ja\cdf.m

and then I try to close matlab, it shows like this:

Attempt to execute SCRIPT builtin as a function: E:\matlab2\toolbox\compiler\mcr\matlab\lang\builtin.m

what's wrong with it? Is it because I add in the path which contains tool box? if so , then how to delete the setted path?


1 Comment

Walter Roberson

Walter Roberson (view profile)

on 22 Oct 2012

Yes, manually adding paths into toolboxes can cause that kind of error when you get the path order wrong.


Lina (view profile)


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