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Chad Greene

FEX not recognizing functions

Asked by Chad Greene
on 22 Oct 2012

The Mathworks File Exchange (FEX) site occasionally has difficulty in properly recognizing my uploaded files as functions. FEX misidentifies them as plain scripts. Today's upload included three functions, but none of them were correctly identified. In another instance, FEX decided that most, but not all of my functions were indeed functions Is this something I'm doing wrong, or is it a FEX glitch?




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1 Answer

Answer by Jim Hokanson
on 23 Oct 2012
Edited by Jim Hokanson
on 23 Oct 2012

Looks like a spacing issue to me. Specifically it looks like there is no space following the word "function".

function[args] vs function [args]


My upload has now been approved, spaces included, and FEX still does not recognize the functions as functions.

Our servers have been very unhappy the last few days but they should be all good rested up now.

Thanks Sean. If I try the upload again, do you think FEX will recognize the functions as functions?

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