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how can find angle for symbolic function

Asked by ahmed fawzy on 23 Oct 2012
syms r2s r2ext F Text


ahmed fawzy on 23 Oct 2012

please if any one know answer reply quikly

Walter Roberson on 23 Oct 2012

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ahmed fawzy



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1 Answer

Answer by Matt Fig on 23 Oct 2012

The angle is just:

ANG = atan(imag(r2s)/real(r2s));


Muruganandham Subramanian on 23 Oct 2012

can we use angle() command?..

Matt Fig on 23 Oct 2012

Not in 2011b. The ANGLE function calls ATAN2, which is not defined for symbolics.

john on 6 Mar 2013

In witch version can by used angle for symbolics?

Matt Fig

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