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3D plot problem related to surface plot

Asked by tusu
on 27 Oct 2012


I have a plot that looks like this

Now i want a mat like surface not this peak ,I like a just surface plot though I have used surfc command but getting this peak style image ..which command shal I use?



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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 27 Oct 2012

I am confused about what you are looking for. See



on 27 Oct 2012

hiee walter

I want that my surface olot shoulkd look like this but I am getting those peak like image not only surface ..what command should I use

Your data has local differences that are large compared to the difference in range between the lowest and highest value, whereas the image you show as ideal has only small local differences compared to the range between the lowest and highest value.

With the relative data values you happen to have, the cost of getting rid of the peaks will be flattening out your surface plot to very nearly flat. If that is your goal, you might as well use pcolor().

If you do not want to do that, then zlimit to change the upper bound of plotting to be a number of times larger, which will have the effect of having the actual data occupy a smaller portion of the plot, with the result that the peaks will be less prominent.

on 30 Oct 2012

thank you Walter

I used pcolor() but that I did not want Sorry but I am not getting u properly,can u kindly give me the suggestion what should I do if I need that kind of graph shown in in the URL or what the hurdles in my data that preventing me from getting such a surface

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