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Can we able to tag an image in matlab

In google map, when you move your cursor near a building, it will show the name of the building or location. Can we do that option in image processing in MATLAB. My input image is a road, which has a car, a bike and a bus. my project code output will display only car image, when i give the input as car.. now, my question is can i add text just above the car image..such that when i give the input as car,,, it should display car image with the text written on the image as car.


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Answer by Walter Roberson
on 27 Oct 2012
 Accepted answer

datacursormode() with a custom callback function that selects whatever text you want to display.


thanks walter. when i applied the command, i could able to see x values as well as y values.. but, how can i type the word car. moreover, after running the program, i should not use the mouse. Is there any possible to get the output with the tag name mentioned

Walter Roberson
on 27 Oct 2012

Ummm, perhaps what you are looking for is simply text() ?

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