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How can i study the asymmetry of a region?

Asked by Tomas
on 29 Oct 2012


how can I decide that a region of interest is symmetric or asymmetric in contour, color and texture along the major axe


1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 29 Oct 2012

Here's a paper reviewing several methods: These could all be done in MATLAB of course.


I have not heard of that technique. Why can't you program it up and try it?

on 1 Nov 2012


I can't program this technique because I can't understand it. I found a paper talking about the symmetry map in a few sentences explaining that the symmetry map is used to calculate the asymmetry score, but there is no détails. I asked my question because I didn't find the steps used in this technique hoping for a good response. thanks

Well, if after all your searching, you didn't find the steps, then I and the other volunteers here probably wouldn't either. Plus we generally don't have the time to read some scientific article, understand it, explain it to you, then code it up, and hand over the code to you. I hope you understand. There are just too many papers - I can't even find the time to read the papers that I find interesting, much less other ones. Good luck with it though.

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