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New to MATLAB?

about output a function

Asked by YI Hsu Lo

YI Hsu Lo (view profile)

on 30 Oct 2012

i'm very new to matlab, i apologize if i ask stupid question

the problem i bumped into was that i have a D array right now

ex. D=[(5+2i)^x+1;(8+i)^x+4;9^x+4;....]

and i hope every element equal to zero to solve x

my thought was output every element as function then use muller method to solve each other,

may i ask that how can i output every element term by term?

or is there any smarter method to solve the problem?

somebody answer me,please!!!!!!!!!!

1 Comment

Walter Roberson

Walter Roberson (view profile)

on 30 Oct 2012

Do you have the symbolic toolbox? See matlabFunction()

YI Hsu Lo

YI Hsu Lo (view profile)



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