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pouya jamali

Problem with running simulink block diagram in discrete mode

Asked by pouya jamali
on 31 Oct 2012

I tried to run a Simulink block diagram which consists three difference blocks ... but it's not working properly ... I tried to diagnose the problem by monitoring the signal values. I found that the output value for the difference blocks is not used. I don't know what is this and what's the problem ... please help me


on 31 Oct 2012

Did you check output after first sample time is executed?

on 31 Oct 2012

Probabaly you did not check your output in scope correctly, rather take it in workspace & check, you will find non zero value as initial output

Ow, I think the problem is misunderstood ... I should explain it more efficient! using show port values I've monitored all the signals in my block diagram. all the signals are working properly just before passing through difference block. The output of the difference block is not used all the time during simulation. and I think it cause the final output to be zero which must be not.

1 Answer

Answer by PG
on 31 Oct 2012

Check your output min & max values in block configuration.

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I haven't specified min and max for the output... every thing is by default.

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