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How can I fill regions?

Asked by Tomas
on 2 Nov 2012

Hi, I used imfill to fill régions. In some cases imfill fill all the regions as a single region. How can I correct this?

edg = edge(I,'log',0);



1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 3 Nov 2012

Your edge filter probably had some kind of edge artifact that made a line all the way around the edge of your image. You have to find out why that is and either prevent it or break that line.


Image Analyst
on 3 Nov 2012

Of course. So, where did you upload your image?

Image Analyst
on 5 Nov 2012

It's not clear what a region is, but I can tell that using an edge detector will not get them. You may have to do it manually with imfreehand().

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