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Convert Serial numbers to conventional date

Asked by ASONG ZILEFAC on 4 Nov 2012

I would like to convert these serial number 17067072 to conventional date such as mm-dd-yyyy.

I have a column vector of such dates to convert. I downloaded data in netCDF format, converted to ASCII and now have to convert the dates for easy interpretation.

I could convert using 'datestr' but my dates have 8 values as above.

I appreciate your effort.


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ASONG ZILEFAC on 4 Nov 2012

The data I downloaded is on a daily basis and spans between 1948 to 2011 on a daily timescale.



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2 Answers

Answer by Walter Roberson on 4 Nov 2012
Accepted answer

datestr() can handle column vectors of serial date numbers.


Walter Roberson
Answer by per isakson on 4 Nov 2012
Edited by per isakson on 5 Nov 2012

NetCDF files are supposed to be self-documented. Is it "serial hour numbers"?

    >> datestr( 17067072, 31 )
    ans =
    6728-01-21 00:00:00
    >> datestr( 17067072/24, 31 )
    ans =
    1947-01-01 00:00:00


ASONG ZILEFAC on 5 Nov 2012

Hi Per,

It works well for this case. What if I have a column vector?

Thank so much.

Walter Roberson on 5 Nov 2012

Try it and see.

per isakson

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