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Compiled Stand Alone version won't launch on Mountain Lion Macintosh

Asked by Daniel Bertrand on 8 Nov 2012

I have been running Matlab Compiled Standalone programs since Matlab 2009

After latest upgrade of my computer to MacBook Retina with Mountain Lion and Matlab 2012b and the new Xcode I can compile programs perfectly and I have an executable version that I can launch from a terminal window.

Programs won't launch and I get the error message

Dyld Error Message: Library not loaded: @rpath/libmwcpp11compat.dylib Referenced from: /Users/USER/*/ Reason: image not found

even if I have a correct environment set up as seen from the display

HOME=/Users/danielbertrand DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH:/Applications/MATLAB/MATLAB_Compiler_Runtime/v80/runtime/maci64:/Applications/MATLAB/MATLAB_Compiler_Runtime/v80/sys/os/maci64:/Applications/MATLAB/MATLAB_Compiler_Runtime/v80/bin/maci64

Finally, they are a couple of errors in the help files which have not been updated from the previous version and still refer to X11

Many thanks for your help


1 Answer

Answer by Enkh
on 19 Nov 2012
Edited by Enkh
on 19 Nov 2012

Hi Daniel,

This is a bug with MATLAB Compiler R2012b on Mac. Check out the solution below for the patch:

Let us know if you run into problems with the solution.




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