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How can i study the symmetry in color with matlab?

Asked by Tomas on 8 Nov 2012


how can I decide that an image is symmetric or asymmetric in color after dividing it into two parts vertically (the right part and the left part)? thanks




1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst on 8 Nov 2012

You could chop the image in half, call fliplr() to flip one of the halves, then check similarity with SSIM (See wikipedia) or something similar like PSNR.


Image Analyst on 19 Nov 2012

It's a lot easier to just get the solidity. Will that work for you? For the two example you gave, solidity would work well for distinguishing between the two.

Pamela on 19 Nov 2012

I couldn't understand what do you mean by 'solidity'. But I will try to explain again: I want to take for example the first image and measure its score of asymmetry. This score should be between 0 and 1. I'm looking for a method to do this. So I'm asking for ssim if it can helps me.

Mariam Sheha on 19 Jun 2013

Hey Pamela,

I think you are working through melanoma diagnosis applying (ABCD rule), am working through the same target, where i am trying to calculate asymmetry score in color and texture for a segmented image... did you reach an effective method??!

Image Analyst

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