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Is there a way to save a trained neural network for future use after the current run ends?

Asked by Sree Srinivasan on 9 Nov 2012

For applications that do not require real-time predictions, the user may tolerate Matlab ANN runs that seem to take forever. Case in point: With about 300 variables (or descriptors), 2000 data points, 5 different variations of neurons in the hidden layer (5 to 25 in increments of 5),3 re-initializations (to avoid local minima), but no division into training & validation sets (unnecessary with Bayes regularization), trainbr (1 hidden layer) takes about a week (on a Windows 7 laptop with 4GB RAM, running the 64 bit version of Matlab).

The run also includes, for comparison, trainings based on 30 linear or nonlinear principal components or selected descriptors instead of the 300 raw descriptors. So, asking me to explore "dimension reduction" is not the answer.

It would be nice to save the network (weights, etc.) trained at such an expense of time, so that it can be evaluated on test data that may become available in the future, without having to spend a week training the network everytime a new set of test data becomes available.



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2 Answers

Answer by Greg Heath
on 14 Nov 2012
 Accepted answer

save net01

When you need it later

load net01



That works, but when assigning a file name within the batch run (not interactively), there is a problem:

            Net_Iter = {['Net', Run_Index, '.mat' ]}
            save Net_Iter net

Run_Index is a number that varies within a FOR loop (where several networks are trained one after another).

Net_Iter = 'Net123.mat'

But the save command results in Net_iter.mat (literally!).

Answer by Sean de Wolski
on 9 Nov 2012

Can't you just save it?


I agree. Save the whole net instead of saving parameters and weights separately.

Thanks. So, the following commands should work. Am I right?

To save: save net1.mat net

To use later: load net1.mat net

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