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embedded matlab function block

Asked by Emmanuel Luevano on 14 Nov 2012

Hi fellows matlab

I want to generate a code using embedded function block I've written a function with some input arguments, each one will be taken from workspace from MATLAB.

I read that to specify an input argument from MATAB workspace, I should go through model explorer or tool > edit data ports, in the contents pane, set scope to parameter, and so, the input value will be take from workspace.

should I specify the type or class of each values of input in the same code written in the embedded editor from simulink block, or should be enough with set the values as I describe before to be used for the program written??

I'm explain well? thanks guys


1 Answer

Answer by Kaustubha Govind
on 14 Nov 2012

You can set the parameter type to "Inherited" on the Ports and Data Manager (Tools > Edit Data/Ports) if you would like to block to inherit the type from the value in the workspace.


global xy

thanks for the tip, but, it does not is supported by embedded coder? do you have any other advise? greetings!!

If "xy" is an input, it should come from the input port of the block in the Simulink model. If "xy" is a parameter, it should be defined in the MATLAB workspace.

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