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unwrap the angle code

Asked by Niraj
on 15 Nov 2012

Hi, I have a vector of angles which are in the range of -360 to 360. I need to unwrap them. I donot have the wrap and unwrap built in function in my old version of MATLAB.

Could any one come up with a small piece of code to unwrap manually?

Thanks please reply.




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1 Answer

Answer by C.J. Harris
on 15 Nov 2012

Going from a range of -360 to 360 degrees to 0 to 360 degrees is usually called wrapping the angle, not unwrapping. This anonymous function should do the trick:

wrap = @(x)mod(x,360);


nAngle = -270;
ans =

  1 Comment

on 23 Nov 2012

Thanks for the answer and correcting me..

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