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reshape function row wise

Asked by Carolina on 15 Nov 2012

Hi. Please can anyone help me with this? I have a column vector which contains 30561 rows (fluorescene data). The order of this vector is 501 values corresponding to emmision values every 61 excitation values. I want to reshape it but in a row-wise manner, how do I do it?

Thanks in advance!!





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1 Answer

Answer by Matt Fig on 15 Nov 2012
Edited by Matt Fig on 15 Nov 2012

Since you don't give a small example of input and expected output (always a bad practice when asking for help!!), I will guess that one of these will give you what you need:

A = (1:12).';  % A column vector
reshape(A,3,4).'  % Also try with 4,3 instead of 3,4

1 Comment

Carolina on 16 Nov 2012

Hi Matt: It's ok the answer you give me!!! thank you!!



Matt Fig

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