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I am trying to construct a matlab code that will identify marker switching in motion capture, then search through the other markers in the same frame and identify the other switched marker, then switch them back.

Asked by Ian
on 15 Nov 2012

Here's what I have so far (the data set I'm looking at is called static)

%check for marker switching

for i=1:42 %for all columns

    for j=1:size(static, i)     %for all rows
        if abs(static (i,j)-static(i,j-1))>5        %if difference is greater then 5
            temp=100;                                %establish temp
            for ii=i:3:42     %for all columns of the same coordinate
                    if abs(static (ii,j)-static(i,j-1))<temp      %search for difference lower then temp
                         temp=abs(static (ii,j)-static(i,j-1));    %if lower replace temp with difference
                         temp_val=static(ii,j);     %if lower save value
                         temp_i=ii;                 %if lower save location
            static(temp_i,j)=static(i,j);           %swap values
            static(i,j)=temp_val;                   %swap values

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OK. Good luck with that. But you don't need to announce your work here unless you have a question.


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