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Not fully recognizing webcam model

Asked by Sam
on 16 Nov 2012

Hello all,

I have three Logitech C600 webcams attached and integrated within a program in MATLAB. Two out of the three are properly identified in MATLAB as 'DeviceName: 'Logitech Webcam 600', however one is identified only as 'USB Video Device'. This reduces the resolutions I can choose and it seems like the unrecognised webcam has a slower frame rate.

I have had a look and haven't found anything. Any help in getting MATLAB to recognise the webcam would be appreciated!


Is it always the same one that is unidentified? If you move them around in USB ports, does the problem move or does it stay with the slot? If you unplug one of the ones that is recognized and try again, does the unrecognized one become recognized?

on 16 Nov 2012


It is always one particular webcam and it doesn't depend on which USB port it is connected to. Just plugging in the one webcam by itself results in: 'DeviceName: 'USB Video Device''

The other two always remain recognised no matter which USB port they are connected to.

Possibly different firmware ?


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1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 16 Nov 2012
 Accepted answer

Is this Windows? Can you go into Device Manager and update the driver for the USB device to use the proper Logitech driver instead of the generic one? It's actually probably not a MATLAB issue.

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on 17 Nov 2012

Thanks, I'm such an idiot!

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