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how to find out the correct coefficients from a roots -vector

Asked by anonym
on 16 Nov 2012
Latest activity Answered by Ahsan Zamee
on 18 Feb 2015

Hi everbody Sry for my English ;)

I have a Problem mit those Matlab Functions : poly and roots for example, i have vector a with the polynomial coefficents

a =

     2     4     6     8

The roots of these Polynom is roots(a) =

              -0.1747 + 1.5469i
              -0.1747 - 1.5469i

The poly matlab function can be used to find out the coefficients from roots

but when i use ist on my roots(a), i didnt become my vector a again.

ans =

    1.0000    2.0000    3.0000    4.0000

Is there another Methode to find out the correct coefficents from roots ?

Many thanks

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Jan Simon
on 16 Nov 2012

Please post the code you use. The text description "poly can be used to find out the coefficients" does not allow to estimate, if you made a mistake when calling poly().

Currently I find in your question:

a = [2, 4, 6, 8];
>> -1.6506          
   -0.1747 + 1.5469i
   -0.1747 - 1.5469i
% Now poly() is mentioned
>> ans =
  1.0000    2.0000    3.0000    4.0000

I do not see, what's going on.



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2 Answers

Answer by Matt Fig
on 16 Nov 2012

anonym, you need to think about what you are doing. When you have:

a = [2 4 6 8];

this represents this polynomial:

2*x^3 + 4*x^2 + 6*x + 8 = 0

Now what happens if you divide both sides by 2?? MATLAB simply returns this reduced form:

ans =
      1.0000    2.0000    3.0000    4.0000


Answer by Ahsan Zamee
on 18 Feb 2015

poly is not used to find the roots rather it is used to build polynomials.


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