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reading and working with .im7 image files

Asked by Alberto Striedinger on 17 Nov 2012

Hello everydoby. I am to work in matlab with some image files with .im7 extenssion, I have seen that I may need readIMX from lavision, but I am not a lavision user I dont have the licnese or acces to it, So I still need to open these images.

Is there any package that is used to open .im7 files or how to convert them to a format like .tiff or another that I can easily read with imread command in matlab.

Please I appreciate fast answer for this question.


1 Answer

Answer by Ashish Uthama
on 19 Nov 2012

This FEX submission claims to read IM7 files.

(It helps to point to more details about the format you are looking to read, in case there are multiple ones with the same name/extension. It may also help another user suggest alternative approaches.)


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