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Bob Choy

Subtract values in a matrix

Asked by Bob Choy
on 17 Nov 2012

Hi there!

I need really need some help on this, I have a matrix which has "l" lines and "c" columns. I want to subtract each value in the matrix by the value the first value in the first line of its column, and give me a matrix with those values, with the first values of the first line being "0", and the same amount of lines and columns

Example: m = [2,2,2;3,3,3;4,4,4] the matrix given should be [0,0,0;-1,-1,-1;-2,-2,-2]

I hope I made myself understood, if not, please ask away.

Thank you for your time.



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1 Answer

Answer by Matt J
on 17 Nov 2012



Thank you it worked!!! But can I do this using for's?

Matt J
on 17 Nov 2012

Sure, but why?

Because we are using them in the project Im developing and I wanna be coherent but if thats too much trouble for you feel free not to bother, your have helped enough

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