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Can't shut down COM automation server instances of MATLAB

Asked by David
on 19 Nov 2012


I'm starting some automation server instances of ML:

for ix = 1:4
    servH(ix) = actxserver('Matlab.Application.Single');
    servH(ix).Visible = 0;
    % More code...

I do some stuff in each session, controlling each session with some PutWorkspaceData(), GetWorkspaceData(), and Execute() methods, and when I'm done, I tried to kill these instances in a couple of different ways, e.g.:



for ix = 1:4

The above seem to work when I attempt them from the command window (launching and killing from command window), but I can't seem to kill them from within my real program. The only thing that I could reliably use was (yes, it's ugly):

catch me
    % Killed server, and we get Error: RPC-server is unavailable

Am I missing something obvious here?

64-bit R2011b on Win7 by the way...



1 Answer

Answer by Kaustubha Govind
on 19 Nov 2012

Does servH(ix).Quit pass for ix=1 and fail thereafter? If yes, I wonder if you're calling the Quit method in a loop too quickly. You could try putting in a PAUSE command and see if that helps.


on 20 Nov 2012

Hi Kaustubha,

Thanks for the reply.

The answer would be yes. But the actual behaviour I see is just silent acceptance in MATLAB, with no errors or warnings. I did actually try putting pause, but sadly, it didn't change anything. In fact, I tried halting the execution inside the loop and step through it, and it still wouldn't quit.

I just did some additional tests, and when I test with a barebones sample (basically just start up the servers, and immediately invoke Quit), it seems to work. What I haven't fully understood yet is why my real code would be any different, as all I do is run a few Execute commands, and PutWorkspaceData and GetWorkspaceData... Even after completion of the function, I can access the servers from the command window with h = actxGetRunningServer('matlab.application'). h.Quit from here does not work either.

David: I don't have enough expertise in this area to make further suggestions. Could you please contact MathWorks Tech Support to see if they might be able to guide you better? Thanks!

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