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How do I solve dm/dt = R(1-A) - B (A) in MATLAB?

Asked by dafdfab
on 19 Nov 2012

I have this equation:

dm/dt = R(1-A) - B (A)

I need to solve A when:

dmdt= 0
R =0.1
B= 0.2

I am able to solve it by hand, but how can I solve this problem in MATLAB? Can I set this as a function?


Jan Simon
on 23 Nov 2012

@dafdfad: Destroying the question after an answer is given does not meet the intention of this forum. It is a counter-productive method. Please stop this.

Randy Souza
on 29 Nov 2012

I have restored the original text of this question.

dafdfad, this question has a clear subject and an accepted answer, so it may be valuable to someone else in the future. If you have a good reason why it should be removed from MATLAB Answers, please flag the question, explain why it should be deleted, and an administrator or high-reputation contributor will consider deleting the question. Please do not simply edit your question away.



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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 19 Nov 2012
 Accepted answer

If you have the symbolic toolbox,

syms A
R = 0.1
B = 0.2
Asol = solve( R*(1-A)-B*A, A)


on 19 Nov 2012

thank you soooo much walter

on 19 Nov 2012

the answer given is right, but I am just having trouble understanding it. in the code dmdt did not appear at all, so the solve function automatically assume the whole equation equals to zero?

Walter Roberson
on 19 Nov 2012

I left that part out as it is 0.

syms A
R = 0.1
B = 0.2
dmdt = 0
Asol = solve( (R*(1-A)-B*A) - dmdt, A)

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