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Jjet Jumbo

How to generate image matrix Red Green Blue Yellow Green

Asked by Jjet Jumbo
on 19 Nov 2012

Generate the following image by defining image matrix:

Red Green Blue Yellow Green.

 imshow (B)
B(1:50,1:50,1) =1;

I am trying to get a 3x3 with the specified colors; Red Green Blue Yellow Green. It's not working, it gives error.



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2 Answers

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 19 Nov 2012

B(1:100,1:100,1:100,1:00,1:3)=0 tries to define a 5 dimensional array in which the fourth dimension is empty. 1:00 is empty. Perhaps you meant 1:100 .

RGB matrices are 3 dimensional.

You may wish to use zeros() to initialize the matrix.


Answer by Image Analyst
on 19 Nov 2012

Is this what you're looking for:

redChannel = zeros(100, 100, 'uint8');
greenChannel = zeros(100, 100, 'uint8');
blueChannel = zeros(100, 100, 'uint8');
redChannel(1:50,:) = 255;
greenChannel(:, 1:50) = 255;
blueChannel(51:100, 51:100) = 255;
coloredImage = cat(3, redChannel, greenChannel, blueChannel);


If you are going to use 0, 1, 2, then use a 2 dimensional matrix rather than a 3D matrix, and fill each location with a number indicating the color number that should go there (like paint-by-numbers.) Then after imshow(), use colormap() to put in place a colormap you created that maps between the color number and the RGB value that should be associated with that color.

on 2 Feb 2013

Can you please complete it to create the 3 X 3 image:

Red		Yellow
Green		Blue

Cesar, you can see my solution and the modifications to it to do what you want should be straightforward. Just change the row and column ranges.

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