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Editing Simdriveline Block Code

Asked by Morgan

Morgan (view profile)

on 20 Nov 2012

Hi there, am wondering if it is possible to change the code of specific simdriveline block, for example can I view/edit the code of Chain Drive Block in SIMDRIVELINE?

I know that I can customize some (if not all) the blocks of Simscape, but really I would like to change some of Simdriveline blocks!

Best Regrades Morgan



Morgan (view profile)

1 Answer

Answer by Martin

Martin (view profile)

on 14 Jan 2013

You are correct that the source is available now for all Simscape foundation library blocks, but it is not for the add-on products (SimDriveline, SimElectronics, SimHydraulics,...).

Although not trivial, it is possible to get a decent idea of how to replicate the block given the equations in the block reference page.

1 Comment


Morgan (view profile)

on 16 Jan 2013

Thank you martin, I have specific blocks in simMechanic and SimDriveline that I would like to know the exact code behind them, so I checked the refrence and I had tried to replicate it, but still no luck and still the add-on block do not capture the detailes that am looking for. Thanks for the answer.


Martin (view profile)

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