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Editing Simdriveline Block Code

Asked by Morgan on 20 Nov 2012

Hi there, am wondering if it is possible to change the code of specific simdriveline block, for example can I view/edit the code of Chain Drive Block in SIMDRIVELINE?

I know that I can customize some (if not all) the blocks of Simscape, but really I would like to change some of Simdriveline blocks!

Best Regrades Morgan



1 Answer

Answer by Martin on 14 Jan 2013

You are correct that the source is available now for all Simscape foundation library blocks, but it is not for the add-on products (SimDriveline, SimElectronics, SimHydraulics,...).

Although not trivial, it is possible to get a decent idea of how to replicate the block given the equations in the block reference page.

1 Comment

Morgan on 16 Jan 2013

Thank you martin, I have specific blocks in simMechanic and SimDriveline that I would like to know the exact code behind them, so I checked the refrence and I had tried to replicate it, but still no luck and still the add-on block do not capture the detailes that am looking for. Thanks for the answer.


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