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what does this code mean?




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Answer by satish thapaliya on 20 Nov 2012
 Accepted answer

Thanks Roberson


Answer by Matt Fig
on 20 Nov 2012
Edited by Matt Fig
on 20 Nov 2012

It appears to be finding the ratio of the mean values of two 15 element square subarrays, each from a different array.


the whole command for the first set of image was as follow

I1 = imread('E:\allergen-data\20120823\folder 3\3.BMP');
I2 = imread('E:\allergen-data\20120823\folder 2\14.BMP');
I1 = rgb2gray(I1);
I2 = rgb2gray(I2);
xy_index = [310 820];

it displays ans in the value between 0 to 1. could you help what is it actually?

It is not a gray scale value. It is "something else".

It does not produce a value between 0 and 1: it can produce infinity in some cases.

The expression is of the form 1 / (A / B) . That could be rewritten as B/A, which makes it clearer that what it produces is a ratio of the grayscale intensities of the mean color of the respective two blocks.

Thanks Roberson

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